When you run an SQL Script containing a lot of rows.
You will get "Could not split statements; SQL console content is too large".

Please check the hdbstudio.ini and set the VM parameters like bellow



and restart HANA Studio.

Also regarding the SAP Note 1969700

This warning is issued by the SAP HANA Studio (SAP Note 2073112) SQL editor when SQL statements with a length of more than 200,000 characters are executed. It means that the statement is executed as a whole and SAP HANA Studio doesn't search for semi-colon (";") characters as statement separators. This is an acceptable behavior for the statements being part of this collection, so you can ignore the warning.

It is possible to adjust the threshold of 200,000 characters in SAP HANA Studio via "Window" -> "Preferences" -> "SAP HANA" -> "Runtime" -> "SQL" -> "Maximum Numbers of Characters for Multiple Statement Execution".