Can not logon to web administration interface of webdispatcher because the password of administrator is missing.

By default, administrator account be named as "icmadm".


SAP Webdispatcher 7.**


The password resetting can be done by the web dispatcher tool wdispmon.

You can follow below steps to use wdispmon to do it.

1)  Stop the SAP Web Dispatcher.

2)  Go to the webdispatcher executable folder.

     For example, /usr/sap/<WDP SID>/<WDP instance name>/exe

     There you can find the wdispmon executable.

3)  Run "wdispmon -a pf=<x:\path to webdispatcher profile\instance_profile>".

4)  Type in your authentication file name, the default name of authentication file is "icmauth.txt".

5)  Type "c" and hit "enter".

6)  Input the username whose password need to be reset. For exmaple, icmadm.

7)  Input new password, then Re-enter password for confirm.

8)  Hit 'enter'.

9)  Type "s" to save the change.

10) Hit "enter".

11) Type "q" to quit.

12) Restart sapwebdispatcher, then the new password is taken into account .


Check the SAP note 1987484 - Forget password for SAP webdispatcher web Administration Interface