In this document, we do the easiest upgrade for an ABAP instance. Before doing anything, download all the required files from the SAP Market Place.

For our exercise, we haven't update the Kernel RDBMS side (SAPEXEDB_YYY-yyyyyyyyy.SAR). We use the bellow information.

System ID: PRD
System Number : 00

The downloaded files are (in /usr/sap/trans/upgradekernel):

  • SAPEXE_YYY-yyyyyyyyy.SAR
  • DW_155-yy000221.SAR

Stop the SAP Instance PRD

Logon with user prdadm

# stopsap
# cleanipc 00 remove
# /usr/sap/PRD/SYS/exe/run/saposcol -k

Do a sudo -s (to have root access)
# With root user,  take a copy of the current kernel le répertoire /sapmnt/PRD/exe vers /sapmnt/PRD/exe.138

Copy the old kernel

# cd /sapmnt/PRD/exe
# cp -R /sapmnt/PRD/exe /sapmnt/PRD/ (where xxx is the version of the old kernel)
# ls -lrt /sapmnt/PRD/
# cd /sapmnt/PRD/

Decompress the last kernel

chmod 777 /usr/sap/trans/upgradekernel/SAPEXE_139-20000221.SAR
chmod 777 /usr/sap/trans/upgradekernel/DW_155-20000221.SAR

# cd /sapmnt/PRD/exe
# /sapmnt/PRD/exe.138/SAPCAR -xvf /usr/sap/trans/upgradekernel/SAPEXE_139-20000221.SAR
# /sapmnt/PRD/exe.138/SAPCAR -xvf /usr/sap/trans/upgradekernel/DW_155-20000221.SAR
# ./ PRD



* Start the database manually
# su - prdadm
# disp+work -version | grep -i "Patch Number"

patch number                  155

# R3trans -x

R3trans finished (0000).

# R3trans -d

R3trans finished (0000).

Start SAP


# su - prdadm
# startsap r3

#dpmon pf=xxxxxxx